Hi I am Travis. I'm approaching 40 and am comfortable with who I am. I try to be respectful of others. I'll generally answer any question asked with honesty and occasional wit.

I take all my photos myself, with a tripod and camera. With a few exceptions when I let a friend take them. (The guys I am with in them are all just friends. I am single.) I use Photo Shop to crop and edit. I could enhance them but why bother. This is me. I'd like a bigger dick and more hair on my head then on my back but I didn't get that hand dealt.

If you like my pics then I am glad. If you don't, doesn't bother me. I am not everyone's type, then neither are you.

Life's to short for hang ups.

I put my favorite tumbls and stumbles on my other blog: http://bearsngrrrrs.tumblr.com/

It should go without saying that this blog is NSFW
18 and up only. It's Naked pictures for fuck sake, with nice lighting as often as I can.


forestlucid asked
Hey good lookin' you like cookies?

Yep. But we had to break up. I was in an unhealthy relationship with them.

memitovilchis asked
Thanks so much for your answers.... But I have seen one pic about your Dick and your foreskin is curious... can you take a pic about your dick soft and hard please?

Well I do share everything…so why the hell not. Here’s my dick compilation. The top two pics I took today. You can see how my foreskin has cracked. And get a sense of when it is tight and not. All these are pulled from my blog, so over the past two years, this is the evolution of my cock. Never huge, pretty small most of the time and occasionally painful. I didn’t take a erect photo today, way too sore.

I’ve gotten messages saying I am not the only one with this sort of issue and answered questions about it. I feel like The Bear Dear Abby some days. I like it. Ask me anything boys, you know I will be brutally honest, even at my own expense.

pupshadow asked
God damn! Get in my bed NOW!!

Certainly would if I could!